Corporate Milestones


Jackel Porter Company Limited was established in 1975.




Successfully introduced the American-made production line of distilled water in Hong Kong and made it popular in the market.




Jackel Porter is the first company to invent the uplifting water supply system in Hong Kong to make users more conveniently. Until now, our product is still the best of its kind. Not only satisfy the needs of our valuable customers, but also enhance leading position in the market.




The first manufacturer to get ISO9001 quality certificate in Hong Kong.




Planning to extend a large factory in Tai Po Industrial Park to handle expansion of business.




The new factory was officially put into service. This is another milestone of Jackel Porter and we are confident to keep a top-class water service all the time.




To provide higher quality of repair and maintenance service and more sophisticated equipment, a sister company, Jackel Porter Engineering Ltd, was started business to handle water dispenser, water filtration system, repair & maintenance, installation and professional services.




Reboil water may not good for health. In view of this, Jackel Porter invent Aqua-Tek Energy Saving Instant Boiler. The dual tank construction water input to auxiliary tank with preheat function prevent the unboiled water mix with the boiled water at the main tank. The water will not be reboiled repeatedly and ensure the safety of health.




Ice-cube, hot and cold water dispenser was introduced. All in one unit: Ice cube, hot water, cold water and ambient water supply. Peoples have limited time even drink coffee at all due to rapid lifestyle. In view of this, Jackel Porter introduced Capsule Coffee Machine to allow the public widely to enjoy a perfect coffee with a simple and efficient way.