Company Background

Company Background

Jackel Porter was founded in 1975, provides one-stop services: evaluate and tailor make the most suitable solutions of pantry items to users. Our scope of products includes distilled water, water dispenser, coffee machine, water filtration system, water boiler, drinking water fountain and pantry items. Our innovative design provides safe and pure drinking water to users.

Water Production

The distilled water is produced at a temperature of above 105℃. After passing through a multi-level water pre-treatment system, water vapor to steam and then being condensed down to distilled water. All impurities such as small particles, bacteria are eliminated during the process. The carboy are then dropped into the computerized multi-stations sterilizing plant with automatic inline filler and capping system.

Quality Control

Jackel Porter is the first distilled water manufacturer to get ISO9001 quality certificate in Hong Kong. Our manufacturing equipment are imported from USA, and located at Tai Po Industrial Park in Hong Kong. Our products have the best quality because we do the quality control seriously. We check the water quality once every half an hour, which is above the once - every - hour requirement of the code of practice. Moreover, we have appointed various independent laboratories to carry out the water analysis irregularly to ensure the best quality and meet the customer's interest. Our Aqua-Tek distilled water was certified by Environmental Management System Standard (ISO 14001: 2004), Food Safety Management System International Standard (ISO 22000: 2005), Good manufacturing practice Standard (ACI-GMP), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Standard (HACCP) and National Sanitation Foundation (NSF International) according to its superior standards set by the FDA in the United States and World Health Organization.